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The Secret to Creating more time (...and Success)

So many of us get started in an Online Business like what we do here at Prosperity Of Life, with the goal of creating more work life balance, a more flexible & portable lifestyle, time to do the things we want (& of course the income to pay for it too)... so we naturally attract a lot of spontaneous, adventurous types to our Business as well as those who love structure.

Lise Reitsma - Ex Teacher, now a Mom of 2 is loving the DMO she once resisted

We have a regular training topic about creating a "DMO" - which stands for Daily Method of Operation because I'm not gonna lie, going from being an Employee to an Entrepreneur can be a tricky task for some when all of a sudden they don't have a boss breathing down their neck every day. I mean, no one actually wants that do they? But remove that "pressure" & give yourself all the time in the day to do what you need to do & unless you are a naturally disciplined person, the hours can literally vanish before your eyes and this does not lead to Success...

Our first Step in learning about our DMO - or our Recipe for Success here is following the 6 Daily activities - exactly what needs to be done every day to hit your Business Goals. The next step is learning how to allocate your time accordingly so that the important things are done & you can get out & have some fun.

Lise Reitsma shared with us on a recent training Live Stream that when she got started in her Prosperity Of Life business that she used to think that having a firm DMO would restrain her... that it would limit her time, but in reality it gives her a structure to free up time to get the work done & then be present with her 2 gorgeous kids and enjoy other activities that she likes to do. "Having a DMO is an essential part of being productive".

There is a big "Why" behind having a DMO - firstly, it creates that daily habit of "getting it done", it creates time freedom rather than being rushed or running out of time, it is a great way to hold yourself accountable - it makes it super easy to pull yourself up on bad habits when you have time allocated for a specific task & you find yourself doing something else... You can create Yes / No boundaries - if someone asks you to do something you can make a decision very quickly based on your availability and it's a sure fire way to kick the excuses to the kerb.

Personally I feel that having a DMO & checking off the required tasks to create success also helps with losing that attachment to the outcome that we often slip into.

Lee Anne has created epic Success through a powerful DMO!

Sometimes your DMO also highlights the changes that you need to make with how you spend your most valuable asset - your time. You've gotta make time your ally. Lee Anne Haggard shared that when she was in the early days of building her Prosperity Of Life Business she didn't watch TV - at all. Now, it's not much different but she does enjoy sitting down to watch sporting events or a good movie - as long as her husband Simon is handling the controls to the TV 😂 Lee Anne says you should ask yourself this question - "Is what I'm doing now moving me towards my goals or taking me further away from my goals?" The answer will steer you in the right direction if you are prepared to take action.

Another trick that Lise & Lee Anne shared on this Live Stream is to make up in energy or vibration, what you lack in time. So if you are really pressed for time, get on the phone & bounce through your calls with the right attitude & your vibe will always attract your tribe... Get more done in less time - it's a thing!

So, in embracing a DMO, you will find that you're more present, doing the right things at the right time, it's a massive stress reducer (if you're prone to getting overwhelmed) & as we say - Success leaves clues, so is it time for you to firm up your DMO?

Thanks to these two outstanding Leadership Team Members - Lise & Lee Anne for sharing their wisdom with us!

To Your Success!

Kirsty Goldsworthy ~ Prosperity Of Life Branding & Corporate Communications

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